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For more information please get in touch on 07809718887


Forgandenny, Village Hall:

Monday, 9.30 AM

Monday, 18.30


Friday, 13.30


SCONE, New Scotland Church

Tuesday, 9.30 AM


Bridge of Earn, Institute:

Wednesday, 9.30 AM


Darsie, Church Hall

Fridays 9.30 AM


Abernethy, Williamsons Hall

Monday @8.00 PM



Personal Training provides a unique, tailored exercise plan for achieving your specific goal. Using Optimum Performance Training will ensure your overall development. There are no quick fixes, full ongoing support between session, education based.

@pilatesXross Studio


Block of 10 session: £250

£25/45 min/person

Block of 10 sessions: £200

£20/30 min/person

Block of 10 session:£150


PiYo Live 


PiYo LIVE is a strength fusion style format for people who like to sweat! Short bursts of cardiovascular work and strength training for all over body conditioning! Incorporating dynamic balance, dance conditioning, plyometrics, strength, and functional training emphasizing the athleticism of Pilates and yoga.

Bridge Of Earn

Tuesdays, 8.00-8.55 PM

Foam Rolling

SMR focuses on the neural and fascial systems in the body that can be negatively influenced by poor posture, repetitive motions, or dysfunctional movements. These mechanically stressful actions are recognized as an injury by the body, initiating a repair process called the Cumulative Injury Cycle

What our customers are saying

I had my first contemporary Pilates class today and it was amazing. I love Maz's holistic approach to the body and mind in order to achieve what I hope for in my health and well-being. I can't wait for next weeks class now...

Lindsey Kennedy - Bridge of Earn